What you need to do when an abusive or violent customer comes into your store.

This week, during Safety Demands Action Week, SDA Union Delegates, Health & Safety Reps and Organisers were out in stores talking to workers about health and safety in their store.

Customer abuse and violence is serious health and safety concern for retail and fast food workers across the country.

This week we’re focusing on the importance of reporting incidents of customer abuse and violence.

There’s no excuse for abuse. You have a right to a safe work environment.  

If you experience abuse or violence from a customer at work, it’s important for you to report the incident.

Reporting the incident can help to ensure better measures are in place to stop abuse and violence.

Knowing when incidents occur, what type of violence or abuse occurs and how often is crucial information.

The SDA is working to find solutions that not only help workers deal with abuse and violence but to prevent the abuse and violence from happening in the first place. These details can help build our case to address this issue in the community and in workplaces.
If you see or experience customer abuse or violence. Here’s what you should do:

1. Report the incident to your store manager or supervisor
2. Tell your SDA Health & Safety Rep (HSR) or Delegate
3. Report the incident to your Health & Safety Committee
Need help?

Customer abuse and violence can impact on your mental health. If you need to talk to someone about issues impacting on your mental health or you are concerned about someone at work you can also contact:

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 or beyondblue.org.au

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