Superannuation is a long-term savings plan designed to help you save for retirement.  The more super you save now, the more money you will have to enjoy your retirement.  Superannuation is a key to you having financial security in retirement.

The SDA believes that all employees, regardless of sex and age, should have equal access to the same conditions applying under superannuation schemes.  All members should also be fully informed of all details of their superannuation scheme.

The SDA believes that adequate provision should be made for all Australians in retirement.  With the increasing age of the population, superannuation schemes are a good method of providing such financial security.

Care must be taken in ensuring that women, the vast majority of whom spend a proportion of their working lives outside paid employment, are not discriminated against in preparing for their old age.

The SDA believes that the retirement of people not in the paid workforce should be ensured through a national industry superannuation scheme.

Where people are employed full time in caring for their family, provision should be made on their behalf.  It is expected that the usual provisions with respect to the preservation of this money until retirement age would apply.

Superannuation provides a secure and low cost fund designed to give you the maximum possible return on your investment whilst remaining flexible to your changing circumstances.

Superannuation provisions are included in all SDA industrial agreements and awards (refer to your relevant industrial award or agreement to find out your entitlement).

Most SDA members are covered through the Retail Employees Superannuation Trust – (

Members of REST enjoy the benefits of being part of the largest superannuation fund in Australia.

REST offers you financial security in your retirement, competitive life insurance benefits for today, and a refreshing “members first” way of working.