Bunnings workers vote ‘yes’ to new enterprise agreement

Bunnings workers have delivered a strong 76.7% ‘yes’ vote to a new enterprise agreement which improves penalty rates, locks in pay rises and provides better job security for part time and casual workers.

The ballot, which closed on Monday night saw 59.7% (21,439) of Bunnings workers turn out to vote on the new agreement with 16,443 (76.7%) voting ‘yes’.

The Company and the SDA did not reach full agreement on the issue of wages but importantly, the new agreement provides wage increases for the minimum rate for each grade over the next 3 years and it does remove the bank of hours system.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer welcomed the strong ‘yes’ vote and said the agreement reflected the key priorities expressed by Bunnings workers over many months of close consultation with SDA delegates and organisers.

“Bunnings workers have strongly endorsed this agreement which improves penalty rates, locks in pay rises, strengthens minimum wage rates and reforms rostering for all employees.”

“Over many months we’ve worked very closely with Bunnings employees to identify what’s important to them in their next agreement. We’re very pleased we’ve been able to deliver an agreement which reflects those priorities.”

“In addition to improved penalty rates and increased minimum wage rates for each grade over three years, we’ve been able to deliver better job security for part time and casual workers.”

“Part time employees will now be able to request an increase in contract hours to the average hours they worked over a 12-month period and casual employees will have the right to request to made permanent after 12 months working a pattern of hours on an ongoing basis.”

“At a time of rising costs of living and economic uncertainty, these improvements will be invaluable to part time and casual workers.”

Mr Dwyer also said the new agreement completely overhauled the Bunnings rostering system, replacing the ‘bank of hours’ system.

“This new agreement removes the previous ‘bank of hours’ system and replaces it with a more standard system of rosters and working hours more closely aligned with the Award.”

“Importantly, this includes consultation with employees before any changes to their regular roster can be made. This will no doubt greatly assist Bunnings employees in balancing, work, family and study commitments.”

“We’re also very pleased this agreement, for the first time includes five days family and domestic violence leave for all employees.”

Mr Dwyer said the Bunnings Agreement will now be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval where the SDA will be raising some issues which it believes can be addressed by the Company giving undertakings to improve what is a package of positive outcomes for Bunnings employees.


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