Woolworths job loss announcement a difficult day for workers

Today’s announcement that Woolworths is removing 500 head office and supply chain jobs and closing 21 stores across the country will be difficult news for workers.

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said the major supermarkets decision to shut down stores will have an impact on workers and their families, but the union will be working closely with members and the company to ensure ongoing employment for those staff in affected stores.

“Our focus is on keeping people in jobs, and we’ve had an undertaking from

Woolworths that their focus will be on redeploying workers to other positions where possible.

“We’ll be working closely with Woolworths and our members to keep them employed because we understand that they have bills to pay and families to look after.

“While 21 stores are closing, we’re heartened by the news that Woolworths will continue to roll out 45 new stores.

“We aim to ensure that as many Woolworths employees who have lost their existing roles as possible will have access to these new positions.

“Maximising employment will always be our priority because we understand how tough it can be to get a good job, particularly in regional areas.

“SDA representatives will be available across Woolworths stores to give our members the most up to date information and to provide them with support.

“We’ll continue to work with Woolworths and employees to ensure we keep as many of them in employment as a possible, so that they can continue looking after their families.”

Woolworths workers who concerned about the announcement can contact their local SDA branch for further information. 


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