SDA successfully opposes unfair H&M agreement

The SDA, the union representing retail, fast food and warehouse workers,  has won a victory for H&M workers after successfully opposing an unfair enterprise agreement in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Deputy President Bull dismissed the application to approve H & M Enterprise Agreement 2016 on the basis that it did not satisfactorily meet the ‘Better Off Overall Test’ (BOOT) test.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that the Commission’s decision was a good outcome for H&M employees, who stood to receive substandard pay rates and lose important working conditions.

“The agreement proposed by H&M stood to short change workers and strip important working conditions away. It did not contain adequate breaks between shifts, had an insufficient casual loading and no overtime clause.”

“Additionally, it included proposed rostering provisions which could require employees to work every Sunday, a measure that would have made managing family and personal life particularly difficult for H&M workers.”

“Over several months, the SDA, on behalf of H&M retail workers right across the country has raised its concerns with this agreement and has consistently argued that its provisions did not comply with the BOOT test.”

“We’re very pleased that the FWC has agreed.”

“Like all Australian workers, retail employees deserve fair pay, adequate breaks and decent working conditions that give them a chance to balance their personal and family lives” Mr Dwyer said.

“The SDA now seeks the opportunity to negotiate an agreement with H&M that contains fair pay and working conditions and complies with the conditions of the FWC’s BOOT test.”

H&M employees who have questions or concerns about their pay and working conditions can contact their local SDA Branch. For more information visit

Media Contact: Darren Rodrigo 0414783405


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