SDA calls on public to respect retail and fast food workers this festive season

The SDA, the union representing retail, fast food and warehouse workers is sending a clear message this festive season: calling on all shoppers to keep their cool when they hit the shops over December and January.

SDA National Secretary, Gerard Dwyer said, “Thousands of retail and fast food workers are regularly subjected to customer abuse and violence while they are at work, and it’s not acceptable.”

Last week the SDA launched an online survey asking all retail and fast food employees who have been subjected to customer abuse to share their experiences with the union.

Over the past two years, during the union’s annual national safety week, the SDA has spoken with over 10,000 retail and fast food workers and almost half of these workers said that they had experienced customer violence or abuse in the workplace.

“This festive season the SDA are sending a clear message to all shoppers to Respect Retail Workers and Respect Fast Food Workers.”

“Customers need to be reminded that shops are also workplaces, all retail workers and fast food workers should feel safe at work, and protected from any form of violence or abuse perpetrated by customers.”

“We’re asking the public to remember what the festive season is all about – good will and generosity, which should be extended to customer service staff as well – there’s no excuse for abuse.”

“Customer violence and abuse not just a workplace issue but a health and safety issue, feeling stressed has irrefutable physiological impacts – so we’re asking people to keep their cool.”

The SDA survey is open until the end of Jan 2017.

If you are working in retail or fast food, please share your experiences related to customer and violence and abuse here

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