Retailers call for 0% pay increase completely out of touch

Media statement | 14 March 2018

The SDA has condemned a submission by the National Retailers Association (NRA) to the Fair Work Commission’s 4-yearly review of modern awards which calls for a 0% pay increase as completely out of touch with the realities of retail workers and the Australian economy.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that the NRA submission that retail workers should receive a 0% pay increase actually amounted to a 1.9% pay cut when accounting for inflation.

“The NRA’s call for a 0% pay increase will come as a slap in the face for Australia’s hard-working retail employees.”

“Retail workers are already struggling with historically low wage growth, cuts to their penalty rates and insecure work. They urgently need a pay rise, not a pay cut.”

Mr Dwyer said that the NRA’s submission was also at odds with advice from economists on boosting consumer spending and enhancing Australia’s economic growth.

“Australia’s historically low wage growth has already been identified by the Reserve Bank as a major handbrake on economic growth.”

“Collectively, Australia’s businesses need to support policies that put money back into their customers pockets.”

“If Australian retailers want to improve business, they should be calling for wage increases, not cuts.”

The SDA supports the ACTU submission which calls for a 7.2 per cent increase of $50 a week.


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