Pay rises at ALDI

Unions have just won a 3.3% pay rise to the minimum wage and Modern Award wages through the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review.
Securing a fair and decent wage for retail and warehouse workers is our core business here at the SDA.
Pay rates for employees are reviewed each year as part of ALDI’s remuneration review, however an increase is not guaranteed.
The SDA will be pushing for the value of the 3.3% wage increase to be applied to ALDI employees too.
We know how important it is for your wages to go up each year as the cost of living continues to rise and it is critical to protect the value of your penalty rates for work on evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.
We’re keen to hear from you about where you want to see the value of 3.3% applied to your wages. For example, an increase to your base rate or an increase to penalty rates.
If you want to have a say about your next pay rise, get in touch with the SDA. Speak to  your SDA Organiser or call your local SDA Branch to find out more.
Remember, the SDA is here to help you with any workplace issue – from breaks to rostering and rates of pay.

No matter is too big or small to bring to our attention.

If you’re not a member of the SDA, join today.

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