New pay rates to apply at ALDI from 1 Jan 2018

Throughout 2017, the SDA pressed for at least a 3.3% increase to be applied to wage rates at ALDI, in line with the outcome from the Fair Work Commission’s 2017 Annual Wage Review won by unions.

In a disappointing decision, ALDI have fallen short of a 3.3% increase across all employees in all regions. However, wage increases of between 1 and 4.99% to base rates will be applied for ALDI employees from 1 January 2018.

The SDA welcomes the introduction of new penalty rates that will now apply for all ALDI Store Assistants working on Saturdays or late evenings.

To find out how the 1 January 2018 wage increases impact you, please contact your local SDA Branch here.

We know how important it is for your pay to keep up with the rising cost of living.

The SDA, the union for ALDI store and warehouse employees, will continue to push to improve both wages and conditions at ALDI particularly on the matters that are important to you such as rostering, overtime rates and bankable hours.

We can win these improvements together, with the support of SDA members like you.

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SDA continues for fairer deal for ALDI employees after High Court ruling

The SDA has been working hard to ensure that ALDI workers get a say about their pay and conditions set out in agreements.

The SDA successfully challenged the ALDI Regency Park Agreement in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court because it was voted on by employees in another state, before any store or warehouse had even opened, which means current ALDI employees did not have a genuine say in their pay and conditions.

This decision was then appealed by ALDI in the High Court.

On Wednesday 6 December the High Court handed down its decision on ALDI’s appeal of the Federal Court decision quashing the decision to approve the 2015 ALDI Regency Park Agreement. The Agreement covers ALDI employees working in South Australia, Broken Hill and Mildura, Vic.

The SDA is disappointed the High Court found that Fair Work Commission was able to approve an Agreement made with 17 existing ALDI employees, based in other ALDI regions at the time the Agreement was made. These employees were offered and accepted jobs to come to Regency Park before the stores and warehouse were built and voted to approve the Agreement that now covers over 350 employees.

The SDA has serious concerns that this decision may lead to a more  employers using current employees to avoid negotiating with unions when making agreements for new stores.

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If you work at ALDI or in any retail, fast food or warehouse in Australia, joining a union is the best way to have your say. If you are a union member, your employer automatically has to engage with your union in bargaining for a new Agreement. Union-negotiated agreements lead to better wages and conditions for workers.

The Good news?

Ensuring your pay and conditions are fair and decent is our priority. The SDA was not convinced that the Fair Work Commission had satisfied itself that the ALDI Regency Park Agreement left employees better off when it was approved in 2015. The High Court agrees with us and ruled in our favour. This means our appeal of the decision to approve the Agreement goes back to the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission to hear again. Link to the Summary of  High Court decision is here:

The ALDI Regency Park Agreement continues to operate until a decision is made by the Fair Work Commission. The SDA will keep our members informed.

The SDA is working hard every day to improve wages and conditions for ALDI workers across the country, including future wage increases. ALDI is growing every day and so is our union of ALDI workers. 

P.S. the SDA is involved with several ALDI Agreements covering employees in VIC, NSW, Newcastle, WA and QLD. For updates on your Agreement contact your local SDA Branch.

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