New agreement protects pay and conditions for Coles workers

New agreement protects pay and conditions for Coles workers

Coles workers will this week review a new SDA-Coles enterprise bargaining agreement which protects take home pay, improves penalty rates, secures hard won SDA conditions and ensures pay rises for every worker.

The new agreement would also prevent Coles workers from falling back to the Retail Award, a move that would cost them significant pay and working conditions.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said the new Agreement was consistent with key priorities of Coles employees.

“Coles workers told us they wanted to preserve their above award take home pay and conditions as part of this new enterprise agreement.”

“They wanted to improve penalty rates and lock in pay rises for all employees. I’m pleased to report that this new agreement delivers on all of these priorities.”

“As the new agreement has a different wage structure, existing Coles employees will receive a special ‘top up payment’ scheme to protect their existing take home pay.”

“The ‘top up scheme’ would obviously not apply to new Coles employees but they will receive the new Agreement’s wage rates and penalties, which are higher than those in the Award.”

“Importantly, both groups of workers would continue to receive annual pay rises.”

“If approved, the new Agreement also includes a one-off payment of $475 for full time Coles employees. A pro rata amount will be paid to part time and casual employees.”

Mr Dwyer also said the new agreement preserved hard won above Award conditions which were contained in previous agreements and were highly valued by Coles employees.

“Importantly, the new agreement delivers above Award leave conditions including paid domestic violence leave, pre-natal, blood donor, emergency services, defence and natural disaster leave.”

“This new agreement also locks in important conditions such as voluntary work on public holidays, additional access to time off at important times that are not public holidays, as well flexible rostering provisions to accommodate family and study commitments and safe transport home.”

Coles employees will have from 29 January to review the new agreement before voting commences 14 February.

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