Media Statement | Woolworths – Jack Butler Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Woolworths – Jack Butler Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 

The SDA has been concerned about recent misreporting of the Woolworths – Jack Butler Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) which applies to workers at dedicated online supermarkets.

Contrary to recent claims in the media the SDA has secured wages and conditions superior to the retail Award for workers in Woolworths online stores through the Jack Butler and Staff EBA.

Jack Butler workers will receive an hourly rate higher than the Retail Award and penalty rates which deliver rates higher than the Retail Award for all hours worked on any day at any time.

It also contains conditions more beneficial than the Retail Award including:

  • Superior public holiday entitlements including voluntary work on all public holidays
  • An Extra day off for permanents working 5 day a week, or alternating rosters, when a public holiday falls on their non working day
  • Superior overtime provisions
  • Penalty rates on personal leave
  • Guaranteed minimum hours for part-time employees higher than the Award
  • Rostering provisions to take into account personal circumstances over and above the Award protections
  • Longer tea breaks
  • More personal leave
  • More compassionate leave
  • Victorian accident make up pay

It is important to note the commercial in confidence arrangements regarding wage rates are not new. These have previously been entered into in industries as diverse as transport, manufacturing and warehousing for over 10 years.

In light of competitive pressures locally, as well as the entry of major overseas competitors, the company sought wage tables to be commercial in confidence. This was not the SDA’s preferred position but it is permitted under the Act and employees have full access to the rates at all times.

The SDA has always fought for a fair deal for retail workers and has continued to do so in this new Jack Butler Agreement.

Media contact: Darren Rodrigo, 0414783405

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