Dominos workers vote ‘yes’ to new agreement

Dominos workers vote ‘yes’ to new agreement

Workers have overwhelmingly approved a new Dominos-SDA enterprise bargaining agreement which locks in full penalty rates, improved conditions and provides access to higher guaranteed hours for part time workers.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that the new agreement provided Domino’s workers with a strong package of wages and conditions that would serve as an excellent basis for future gains.

“We’re pleased this agreement locks in full penalty rates, strong conditions and higher guaranteed hours for part time workers.”

“Domino’s part time workers can now guarantee themselves up to 15 hours per week subject to their availability, when the award contains just 3 hours per week.”

“In a workplace environment characterised by casualisation and underemployment, this is an important win for Domino’s part time workers who now have access to a reliable weekly income.”

“We’re also pleased to see a package of above award conditions including voluntary work on public holidays, improvements to the uniform provision and greater leave benefits locked in with this agreement.”

Mr Dwyer said that while the agreement delivered a good package of above award wages and conditions, importantly it provided a strong foundation on which to build future gains for Domino’s workers.

“This new agreement is unique in that it replaces 27 expired Domino’s agreements and unifies them into one, making it much simpler and easier for our Union to win better wages and working conditions for all Domino’s workers in the future.”

The final results of the ballot, which began 23 January and concluded 31 January were 89% (4822) in favour of the new agreement and 11% (596) against. In total, 5,418 Domino’s employees voted on the new agreement which constituted 29.8% of the workforce.

The new agreement must now be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Until approved, Domino’s workers will remain on the Fast Food Industry Award, which they transitioned to on 24 January.


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