Are you losing out on money at work? Important information for retail & fast food workers.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re on check-out or drive-thru or whether you’re full-time or casual – you must be paid for all work done.

Your employer is legally bound to pay you for all work done. It’s not optional – it’s the law!

The SDA is helping more and more members who are being short-changed. In many cases, workers aren’t sure what their rights are.

Have you ever done one of the following?

  • Coming in and working before your rostered shift begins
  • Working through rest pauses or meal breaks
  • “Clocking off” and then going back to work
  • Working after your rostered time off, say for an extra 10 to 15 minutes
  • Coming in on your day off or while on leave

If you have, you should have been paid for that time.

It may seem like a few minutes here or there but if it’s happening every shift it can start to add up. It’s money lost that’s rightfully yours.

It’s also important to know that your employer should not change your roster deliberately to avoid penalties you would otherwise be entitled to.

What do you do if this has happened to you?

Ask for help and be sure of your rights. Get in touch with your SDA Delegate or Organiser or give your local SDA Branch a call.

If you think you’re not being paid properly, we can help you to work out what you are owed and how to approach this with your employer.

Most SDA members are covered by an SDA-negotiated Agreement. Your Agreement also contains specific provisions about payment for time worked and what your entitlements are.

We can help answer questions about the provisions set out in your Agreement.

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