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May 2019

Bunnings workers vote ‘yes’ to new enterprise agreement

Bunnings workers have delivered a strong 76.7% ‘yes’ vote to a new enterprise agreement which improves penalty rates, locks in pay rises and provides better job security for part time and casual workers. The ballot, which closed on Monday night saw 59.7% (21,439) of Bunnings workers turn out to vote on the new agreement with 16,443 (76.7%) voting ‘yes’. The

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Nov 2017

New penalty rates for Domino’s employees from 1 December

The SDA works hard to improve your pay and conditions at Domino’s. As negotiations for a new Agreement continue, Domino’s employees will receive new penalty rates from 1 December 2017. The new penalty rates will apply from 1 December 2017 as follows: 10% Evening Penalty applicable from 1 December 2017; and 15% late penalty applicable from 1 December 2017. These

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