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Nov 2017

New penalty rates for Domino’s employees from 1 December

The SDA works hard to improve your pay and conditions at Domino’s. As negotiations for a new Agreement continue, Domino’s employees will receive new penalty rates from 1 December 2017. The new penalty rates will apply from 1 December 2017 as follows: 10% Evening Penalty applicable from 1 December 2017; and 15% late penalty applicable from 1 December 2017. These

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Oct 2017

Penalty rates appeal: Our workplace laws are broken. We need to Change to Rules to protect your pay.

The SDA and United Voice appealed the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut penalty rates for retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy workers through a judicial review in the Federal Court. Both unions put up a strong fight to reverse Sunday and public holiday penalty rate cuts but unfortunately, the Federal Court did not rule in our favour. The SDA

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Sep 2017

MEDIA RELEASE | SDA continues push for better wages and conditions for Domino’s workers

The Fair Work Commission today agreed to hear the SDA’s applications to terminate expired Domino’s Agreements, following the SDA’s push for a BOOT-compliant enterprise agreement with improved wages and penalty rates.   Unless the Company can reach agreement with the SDA for an enterprise agreement that delivers improved pay and conditions for all Domino’s employees, the SDA’s applications to terminate

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Aug 2017

Abuse & violence: shocking stories from retail & fast food workers

Sadly, dealing with abusive and violent customers is increasingly becoming the norm for retail and fast food workers. The SDA, the Union for workers in retail and fast food, is concerned about the immediate and long-term health and safety risks for workers. Following extensive surveying of workers in the industries, the Union hopes to tackle this issue to make workplaces

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