SDA terminates Domino’s Agreements to get better pay and conditions for workers

As you are aware, the SDA has been pushing for a new Domino’s Agreement to improve your pay and conditions at work.

As part of this process, the SDA filed to terminate current Domino’s Agreements in the Fair Work Commission so that we could get a better deal for workers.

A decision was handed down by the Fair Work Commission to accept our applications to terminate.

As a result, Domino’s Agreements will be terminated, taking effect 12 weeks from 1 November 2017.

However, the SDA is confident we will secure a new Domino’s Agreement that improves the pay and conditions of workers before this date as negotiations are ongoing.

The SDA has been negotiating with the Company for a new Agreement that would cover both in-store and delivery drivers at Domino’s.

The Company has also indicated their intention to secure a new Domino’s Agreement before the end of the year.

Securing a new Domino’s Agreement will be an important step towards better pay and conditions for workers including increases to penalty rates.

As negotiations continue, the SDA welcomes the Company’s commitment to introduce evening and late night penalty rates from 1 December 2017. But the job is not finished yet and we continue our work to finalise a new Agreement.

Remember, you have the final say and any new Agreement goes to a vote of Domino’s employees.

If agreement cannot be reached on a new Agreement, Domino’s employees will be covered by the Fast Food Award. The SDA will provide comprehensive information and advice about any changes to your workplace entitlements if this occurs.

We will keep SDA members at Domino’s up to date as our push to improve your pay and conditions continues.

If you would like more information about this or any other workplace matter, please contact the SDA.

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