SDA secures fair wages & conditions in new Woolworths online stores agreement

The SDA has secured fair wages and conditions for workers in Woolworths online stores through the new Jack Butler Agreement.

Jack Butler workers will receive an hourly rate higher than the Retail Award and penalty rates which deliver rates higher than the Retail Award for all hours worked on any day at any time.

It also contains superior conditions than the Retail Award including:

  • Superior public holiday entitlements including voluntary work on all public holidays
  • Superior overtime provisions
  • Penalty rates on personal leave
  • Guaranteed minimum hours for part-time employees
  • Higher weekly minimum hours
  • Rostering to take into account personal circumstances
  • Victorian accident make up pay

The SDA has always fought for a fair deal for retail workers and has continued to in the new Jack Butler Agreement.

If you have questions about the new Jack Butler Agreement, contact your local SDA Branch.


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