Rolling pay cuts for 700,000 Australians commence today, Federal Government should be deeply ashamed

The SDA has condemned the Federal Government for publicly supporting the first of several penalty rate cuts for Australian retail, fast food and pharmacy workers which commence today.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that it was appalling Malcolm Turnbull and his Government openly support the rolling cuts to penalty rates which would hurt some of the lowest paid workers in the country.

“Today, on 1 July over 700,000 workers right across the country will get the first of several pay cuts they don’t deserve and can’t afford.”

“Our members include single parents struggling to make ends meet and students who are just getting by. Malcolm Turnbull and his Government should be deeply ashamed by this unfair act.”

“These penalty rate cuts are hurting workers of all ages right across the country.”

Evelyn an older retail worker from NSW said she relies on her Sunday penalty rates to pay for her family’s basic necessities and will lose $80 a month when they are cut.

“I’ll struggle to pay my rent, electricity and grocery bills if I lose my Sunday penalty rates. I need that money to get by.”

Andrew, a student from South Australia said he will find it difficult to complete his studies after losing up to $150 every month after his take home pay is cut.

“Studying full time, I rely on my Sunday penalty rates to sort out my rent, food and university costs. Losing this much money is going to be a huge blow to me.”

Mr Dwyer said that the SDA would continue to relentlessly campaign on behalf of its members and retail, fast food and pharmacy workers to restore their penalty rates.

To protect and restore take home pay of workers the SDA has now taken the battle to the Federal Court of Australia where it lodged an appeal of the Fair Work Commission decision to cut Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates.

“Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of the Federal Government and business community. Starting from today, there are big penalty rate cuts in the pipeline that will hit workers every year until 2020.”

“We’re ready and willing to campaign to protect penalty rates all the way until the next Federal Election and beyond.”

“If Malcolm Turnbull wants to continue cutting our members take home pay, then he should prepare himself for a long and hard battle.”

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