Paid Parental Leave Protected for retail workers!

The Liberal Government has backed down from cuts to paid parental leave following pressure from unions, including the SDA.

This is great news for retail workers who would have been some of the hardest hit by their proposed changes.

The Liberal Government has tried to slash Paid Parental Leave four times in four years – which would have disadvantaged retail workers and robbed them of time with their newborn.

The SDA has always campaigned for Paid Parental Leave and strongly defended it when these cuts were proposed, including lobbying key senators to stop the cuts. Over 1,300 South Australians called on the Nick Xenophon Team to keep their election promise to keep the current PPL scheme.

Thanks to sustained campaigning by union members to protect Paid Parental Leave – the Liberals backed down from cuts in their budget this week.

SDA Union Members have made a difference to countless families across the country!

But don’t thank us. Join us. Join your union today.

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