Member Update | New penalty rates for Domino’s workers from this week

From 24 January 2018, Domino’s workers will be covered by the Fast Food Industry Award 2010 (Fast Food Award) while voting for a new Domino’s SDA Agreement 2017 (Domino’s Agreement) continues in stores.

This means your wages and conditions are now set out in the Fast Food Award following the SDA’s successful applications to terminate previous Domino’s Agreements to get a better deal for workers.

Your rate of pay is now in line with the Fast Food Award and you will receive:

  • Weekend and public holiday penalty rates
  • Casual loadings
  • Laundry allowances

Voting continues for a new Domino’s Agreement to cover in-store employees and delivery drivers.

While the Fast Food Award provides the minimum rates of pay and working conditions, the new Domino’s Agreement will provide further benefits for workers in addition to weekend and public holiday penalty rates, including:

  • Guaranteed minimum of up to 15 hours per week for part-time employees
  • Voluntary work on public holidays
  • Greater leave benefits

SDA Organisers have been out in stores explaining the proposed Domino’s Agreement and answering any questions you may have.

We will continue to update all Domino’s members as the voting process continues.

Remember, you have the final say – no new Agreement will be introduced without a majority yes vote. If the proposed Domino’s Agreement is voted up – it will then go to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

If you would like more information about the proposed Domino’s Agreement, please call the SDA.

Not a member? Join over 200,000 fast food, retail and warehouse workers fighting for a fair go!

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