5 things all supermarket workers should know before uni starts

Heading to O’Week this week? Here’s some advice if you’re going to be balancing work and uni too.

  1. Change your availability at work

If you’re a uni student, chances are you picked up an extra shift here or there over the summer. Now that uni is back – you need to update your availability with work so you don’t get rostered on when you’re meant to be in a lecture or tute!

Remember to check your Agreement for Rostering Provisions. Many SDA-negotiated Agreements have a rostering provision that means your employer should take into account important factors such as family responsibilities and study and sporting commitments when setting your roster. They should also consider safe transport to and from work.


  1. Check your roster

Before uni starts check your work roster with your uni schedule to make sure there are no clashes with your classes. Take into account getting to and from uni for work in time and any early classes, especially if you work nightfill. The earlier you raise any potential problems with your employer the better!

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to approach a rostering problem with your manager, call the SDA for help and we can guide you through it. Contact your local SDA Branch here: www.sda.org.au.


  1. Check for study leave provisions

It might only be the beginning of the Semester but it’s worth thinking about any leave or time off you will need to take when exam time rolls around. It’s important for students to have time off for study and to sit exams and that’s why the SDA has negotiated Study Leave Provisions into several agreements.

Check your Agreement now because it helps to know what your rights are when having a conversation with your employer about taking any leave.


  1. Join the fight for equal pay for younger workers

The SDA is running a National 100% Pay at 18+ Campaign to end junior rates in the Retail Award so retail workers receive 100% of the adult rate of pay at 18. We won our case in the Commission for 20-year-olds and now we’re continuing to fight for fair pay for 18 and 19-year-olds because it’s about the work you do, not your age. Take action now: www.100percentpay.com.au.


  1. Protect your penalty rates

Work on most Sundays and public holidays? Penalty rates help make ends meet for thousands of uni students across the country. Students often have to give up their Sundays or public holidays to work and it’s only fair that you receive fair compensation. The SDA is campaigning to protect your penalty rates as employer lobby groups and members of the Liberal Government continue to call for them to be cut. Show your support today: www.protectpenaltyrates.org.au.


Not an SDA member? Join today! Find your local branch at www.sda.org.au/#.

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