2016 Young Workmate of the Year Awards search for young workers who give 100% at work

The SDA, the union for retail, fast-food and warehouse workers, has proudly launched its ‘Young Workmate of the Year Awards’ to celebrate young workers and the valuable contribution they make to their workplaces.

The annual awards are open to young workers under 25-years old who work in retail and fast food. Nominations are open now.

The Awards serve as a focal point for the SDA’s 100% Pay campaign, which aims to achieve full adult pay rates for 18 and 19 year old workers.

Currently, junior rates are set in line with age. Typically, 18 year olds are paid 70% of the adult rate and 19 year olds just 80%.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said young people were often highly experienced and held senior positions in their workplaces. They often carry the responsibilities and expectations of adults, but are paid lower rates simply because of their age.

“At 18 years of age, you are legally entitled to vote, to drive and pay full taxes but you’ll be receiving just 70% of the adult rate. That’s incredibly unfair.’

“The SDA has campaigned strongly to raise pay rates for young people. In 2014 we were successful in raising the retail wage for 20 year olds to 100% and that’s a good start.”

“Now we are focusing our efforts on raising the wage for 18 and 19 year olds.”

The Young Workmate of the Year Awards celebrate young workers who are dedicated to their job, work well in a team and give 100% at work.

“We know young people work hard and make an important and significant contribution to their workplace, and we feel that their pay should reflect their worth,” said Mr Dwyer.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for ‘Young Workmate of the Year’ go to http://100percentpay.com.au/ywya/ and fill in the details.

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