Help us win a case in the Fair Work Commission for all parents and carers

The nature of work and families has changed significantly in the last two decades. Most families must now have two incomes to survive, but there are times when family life must come first.

We need your help to win a case in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to give you access to reduced hours while you have significant caring/parenting responsibilities.

We know some workplaces are family friendly, but we know many aren’t. Whether it’s juggling the responsibility for parenting young children and/or caring for ill, disabled or aging family members, we want to know your story.

To win, we need union members to fill out this survey about the types of caring responsibilities you have in your life.

You can find the survey here –

It’s important we get responses from all types of workers so the FWC understands all people have caring and parenting responsibilities that, from time to time, require your focus.

Thanks for taking the time to help us win this new workplace right.

If you have questions about family or caring responsibilities and work, get in touch with the SDA.

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